Platform Updates

This is a list of some of the improvements and fixes in the platform:

  • July 2019: Created blog
  • July 2019: Added Github Jobs
  • April 2019: RemotePeople starts accepting user registrations for profile listings.
  • January 2019: We launched our Alexa Assistant, you can try it on Amazon Alexa, by saying "Alexa, open Remote People and get the last jobs"
  • December 2018: We are now a PWA. This means you can install our website in your phone as an application!
  • December 2018: We are improving our data curation process to avoid duplication and offer a better experience. Expect better quality on the next days.
  • December 2018: We launched more sections on the website and tons of improvements
  • December 2018: We added more sources of jobs
  • November 2018 : Platform is Running

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