Analytics Engineer at Balena

Published a year ago

On being an Analytics Engineer at balena

As an analytics engineer, you will work closely with fellow engineers, the product and growth teams, company leadership, and more to build data and analytics tools, facilitate a deeper understanding of our products and businesses, and ultimately empower better decision making. You’ll understand business drivers and uncover analytics use cases. You’ll research, evaluate and shape technology choices together with the analytics team.

You will be persistent about data quality and work with component maintainers to clarify their event instrumentation to improve accuracy. You will provide guidance for generating analytics policies to instrument as well as to consume data. Furthermore, you will work on projects that automate our manual tasks and help build new scalable processes for growth.

In this role, communication skills and attention to detail are important. You are expected to be equally comfortable with clearly explaining the data products and data analysis to non-technical folks as well as to experienced engineers. You will be a go-to resource for all things data and analytics within the company and will answer questions and provide additional details as needed.


  • Work closely with analytics engineers, product and growth teams, and component maintainers to unify our complex and disparate data sources

  • Build and maintain the centralized data platform for processing various data streams and delivering clear, accurate, and timely data to the balena team

  • Design, develop, and maintain procedures for consistent data extraction, transformation, and loading to various systems

  • Design, implement, and maintain various forecasts and predictive models

  • Respond to data inquiries from team members and company leadership; help build dashboards and analytics tools for team-wide use and external reporting

  • Analyze data and communicate key insights based on your understanding of broader business goals and team priorities


  • Curiosity and determination to understand and improve data flows across services and teams. Empathy to understand both internal and external users’ needs and build solutions

  • Hands-on production experience with data technologies and data pipelines. An understanding of best practices and common tools for data processing and analysis

  • Experience developing business intelligence and data processing tools for business metrics as well as predictive models

  • Strong analytical skills with a passion for data quality

  • Self-discipline to take on a project and push it to completion without too much management

  • Strong problem-solving abilities. You can split a complex problem into incremental pieces

  • Continuous improvement mindset and desire to make yourself and others more effective

  • Excellent communication skills, and fluency in English

  • Comfortable working in an environment that practices radical candor and transparency

Bonus points

  • Experience with technologies like Python and popular Python libraries used for data processing and machine learning (like Pandas, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost), PostgreSQL, Docker and Kafka

  • Contributions to OSS projects (please include a URL)

  • Experience with balena as a user

  • Having worked remotely before

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