Strong Generalist Who Is Very Good At Python at Conducto

Published a month ago

Conducto enables developers and data scientists to write, execute, visualize, and debug pipelines. We strive to empower users to go from pipeline idea to massively scalable and easily debugged execution with minimal friction. Conducto works equally well for quick exploratory data science research pipelines and mission-critical production devops pipelines. It scales seamlessly from a handful of tasks to millions. Almost every developer and data scientist needs to create pipelines, and we believe that no currently available tool solves that problem as generally or elegantly as Conducto.

Prior to forming Conducto, we spent 10 years building the software that powered one of the most successful algorithmic trading teams in the world. We were really really good. We succeeded because we built a team of technically strong, driven generalists who were excited to solve challenging problems. We have re-created that dynamic with our core team at Conducto, and are excited to grow the team.

We need motivated developers who can think critically and are not afraid to learn. You don't need to be a domain expert in any area, but you do need to be rock solid in Python. This role primarily deals with Python, Docker, Linux, and AWS.

Our team is currently spread across the United States, from the East Coast to Hawai`i, and we have been an all-remote company since we started.

If you are excited to:

  • work with a team of solid and driven generalists

  • build a highly available web app with non-trivial cloud infrastructure

  • find the balance between building beautiful abstractions and actually deliver a product

  • join a fast-growing and exciting startup

then we encourage you to apply to join us. 

We don't care where you went to school or what companies you have worked at. We aren't impressed by big names and buzzwords. We care about finding people who are great developers, are passionate to build this company, and will lean-in to a warm and collaborative company culture. We hope you will be a good match for the team.

To apply:
We have to be very selective, as we do not have the bandwidth to interview many candidates. And, we appreciate that you do not want to waste your time either. So, as part of your application we ask you to write a Conducto pipeline. This serves the dual purpose of allowing us to see an example of your coding, and it gives you a chance to see if Conducto is a tool that you are excited to work on. We will be looking for clean and elegant code that generates an interesting pipeline. Supply the URL of a public git repository with your pipeline code in the application. Make sure your repo includes a README detailing how to run your pipeline.

Suggested topics:

  • Write a data pipeline.

  • Parallelize an algorithm.

  • Code any CI/CD pipeline.

You do not have to follow these suggestions; feel free to be creative.

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