How to Keep Your Remote Workers Productive

If you can't see them, how do you know they are really working?

If you have hired remote freelancers, or a remote working dev shop, or you're employing a remote-working person, chances are you will get this question every day.

In fact, this is a question I get every day.

Two years ago, I co-founded MarsBased, a remote-working development consultancy with my two best friends. Among a bunch of other things, being 100% remote is part of the company culture.

As a matter of fact, two years in and we still do not own an office. Here's another question I get all the time: when are you guys going to get an office?

But back to topic. Throughout these two first years of working 100% remotely, from very exotic places such as Mexico, San Francisco, Poland or Murcia, I think I've got a good answer to the aforementioned question.

It all boils down to these three things:

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